Ancestors of Melvin Ancel Roe

Welcome to my journey into my family history.  Like many other newcomers, I started with information downloaded from the internet.  Obvious errors in this information led me to trying to gather source documents for all the data.  Meeting other researchers has made this a true passion and engendered a desire to share what I have found.  Thus, this website.

Different researchers want different things so I have tried to give something for everyone.  Clicking on one of the names at the left will take you to a decendancy report that starts with the oldest ancestor for which I have decent data.  There, links are designed to take you around the report quickly and easily.  Clicking on the ID number of a child will take you directly to their location as an adult.  Clicking on an ancestor name will take you backward to his/her adult page.  Reference numbers are given; to see an abbreviated version of the reference, point at the number and it will appear after a few seconds.  The same reference numbers are used throughout the website to make it easier for the reader.
If more detail is wanted than given in the decendancy report, just click on the individual's name to go to a detailed sheet on that person with notes and full references.  In many cases there, you will be able to see a pdf file that shows an image of the actual document or gravestone from which the data was obtained, as well as information as to where and when it was obtained.  Clicking on the ID number on the individual sheet will take you back to the decendancy report to the adult location of that person.

WARNING!! Unfortunately, I have not yet verified everything I originally downloaded.  Therefore, if there are no references given or if the reference number is 6 (unsubstantiated internet data), take the information with a grain of salt until you verify it yourself.

If you can help me correct errors or add verified data, please contact me at droe [at]